How the trade union movement represents worker’s rights

What do trade unions do?

The core objective of the free trade union movement is the definition, promotion and implementation of the collective interests and rights of workers, particularly in relation to employers, but also in relation to the state and as part of broader civil society. Trade unions also provide their members with many social and welfare services.

The labour movement has been the most important historical driver of labour standards and worker’s rights. Trade unions have also frequently been at the forefront of wider struggles for political change, democracy and social justice. This has led to their engagement in a range of activities such as campaigning and advocacy, education and awareness-raising, policy development and the development of mutual financial institutions.

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  1. I would like to use this media to ask a question
    I was laid of from my job on January 20 2018 I worked for 2 years 120 days passed and I was not called back to work I then took the situation to the ministry of labour some issues were resolved but not all I found out I was been underpaid by the way I was the nurse at a doctor’s office I then received some of the money because I decided to take the matter in court but up to this moment I still haven’t received the rest .seems like the labour office in my parish is in some joke or something because in the beginning I was told by the labour office I would be paid all the money at payment which turns out to be not so where is my rights here I receive the first payment last year August and still can’t collect the rest can u give me so advise please I really need my money and now this crisis makes it worse I am talking about a Doctor here please tell me something.

    I await your kind response thank

    1. Thanks for using our website. I would suggest since the matter is a legal one and you are without union representation, then you should seek legal advice in order to recover the rest of the money that is outstanding to you.

  2. Good afternoon I have been working at on institution for almost eight years where am facing a financial pay cut by ten percent effective as of June 1,2020. Secondly I was sent home for one week off in June without pay. We are now in the month of July, where I will be send home for two weeks without pay. What really got me upset is that I have son going high school where his father died eight months now, as a single parent all the expense is on my shoulder and it is very difficult on me in this Pandemic I can’t even pay my bills when I get pay. I had the question at my work place when they do this how will my son eat and go to school, since then I can’t get a proper answer. I believe someone from the Ministry of Labour should visit the institution and find out what is really go on. Now what is best for me to do r if there is anyone at Ministry I can talk to I will be happy to do so. School is just around the corner to be open God’s willing. Thanks in advance as I wait your reply.

    1. Good day Merlene, sorry to hear about the situation you now faces. I strongly suggest that you get in touch with the union office if you had a union or the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (876-922-8000, 876-922-9500). They would be better able to guide you on your rights.

      Best regards
      Jamaica Trade Union Group

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